7 Steps to Healing Heartbreak

You wouldn’t believe the number of articles, websites, videos, and more all dedicated to helping people get through a break-up. In the past few years, here is what I’ve found to be most helpful for me. It may not seem like it if you’re experiencing heartache right now, but I feel better today than I ever have before, and that is the best evidence I have to offer. 

1. Accept that it’s over. If you keep thinking you’ll get back together and it’s not really over, you can never start moving on. Block your ex from social media and your phone. If you need to, hide all of their things, and anything that specifically reminds you of him or her. Remember that you can’t control anything except yourself, but that is more than enough.

2. Feel how you want to feel. Something bad happened, and you owe it to yourself to accept the emotions as your own. Embrace it all- the sadness from your memories, the anger from the bad times, the loneliness you feel right now, the anxiety and worries about future relationships that are inevitable to a certain extent after a break up.

3. Write about it, listen to sad music, talk about it, cry about it. Think about it, the good, the bad and the reason it’s over, the positive aspects of it being over. Talk to your single friends, watch videos, do anything to help you realize that this is all a normal part of life which should be welcomed and embraced like any other, and you are not alone.
4. Decide to move on. But only when you’re ready. Start by making a positive change for yourself- change something in your environment, or physically in yourself. Focus on yourself, because now the break up is their problem, and it shouldn’t matter to you what they are up to. Be your own magic and find who you used to be before you met your ex. Focus on your health. Try something new. Spend time with loved ones, get out and do things to move towards your goals, and have fun!
5. Eat the fish and spit out the bones. In other words, understand that a bad thing happened, but that it is in the past now, as is your ex. But you can keep the good memories, learn and grow from the experience, and explore how it has made you a stronger and better person for the future. 

6. Move towards the Future. Remember your positive qualities and blessings in life, and make the best of each moment. Do not lose faith- love is one of the greatest parts of life, and it can and will come again. You never know what can happen- you have nothing but blank pages ahead to fill however you want.
7. When all else fails, distract yourself and fake it until you make it because you’re only human. You will have good days and bad days, but so does everyone else, and that is life. Remember that no feeling lasts forever, and time really does heal all wounds. 


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