Fatima Punja Sohani

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Holistic Health & Wellness Consulting

Do you experience stress, anxiety, overwhelm,
burnout, fatigue or insomnia? I am a
registered board-certified holistic nurse
and I use an integrative nursing approach for
wellness in daily lifestyle. I specialize in
meditation, nutrition, exercise, sleep and
stress management strategies to help you
attain inner peace, freedom, light & ease.
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Hey, I'm Fatima

Welcome Home!

Free-Spirit. Entreprenurse. Beach Lover.

Spirit Life is fueled by the integration of the 5 principles of balance-

spiritual, mental/emotional, physical, social & environmental.

I specialize in combining simple, soulful strategy with neuroscience &

spirituality to create a holistically aligned, purposefully designed life.

As an integrative consultant, holistic wellness nurse, mindfulness

therapy practitioner, spiritual coach & meditation instructor, it is my

mission to help you find the serenity, clarity and energy to thrive.

Whether you're overwhelmed or unfulfilled in your career,

or looking to simplify and optimize systems to design your dream life,

you've landed in the right place and I am here to help!

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Struggling with anxiety, depression, fatigue or insomnia? Align your mind, body & soul with this 6-week holistic wellness program designed to help busy professionals & entrepreneurs in just 15 minutes a day, using an integrative approach including meditation, therapy & health coaching.


Helping 9-5ers and new or aspiring entrepreneurs create and grow an online service business through coaching, web design and virtual assistant services. Book your free alignment assessment call and let's get started today!


Dive into a behind-the-scenes look of Spirit Life where I document my journey as a free-spirit and lifestyle blogger. This is my home on the internet and your go-to source for all things wellness, business, spirituality and balanced living.
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