Spirit Life Meditation

Are you ready to replace your stress, anxiety, burnout, and overwhelm with inner peace, freedom, light & ease?

Spots are finally open for the highly requested live, customized and comprehensive private beginner meditation sessions!

Each 1:1 session with me includes:

  • Introduction to meditation
  • Guided meditation
  • Breathwork techniques
  • Physical relaxation
  • Imagery & visualization
  • Affirmations for manifestation
  • Mindfulness & presence
  • Transcendental meditation
  • Post-meditation reflection + Q&A
  • OPTIONAL: Wellness assessment & recommendations
  • OPTIONAL: Speciality meditations (stress, health, relationships, career, success, mood, sleep, pain, energy, happiness, connection, creativity, etc.)
  • BONUS: Free inspirational journal with guided prompts for holistic relfection

For a limited time, sessions are only $37 via Zoom audio – Book now before spots fill up!

After over a decade of having my own dedicated meditation practice and years of working as a certified meditation instructor and holistic integrative medicine nurse at the nation’s leading cancer research hospital, I have seen incredible transformations in the lives of hundreds of patients and clients. Now, I am sharing my all my knowledge and passion for this ancient skill and art form with you!

When I first began my meditation practice back in 2009, I had little understanding of myself and the direction in which I wanted my life to go. Once I began to practice regularly, I experienced a sense of inexplicable bliss- one of Universal oneness, peace, love, joy, gratitude and abundance. I quickly learned that my entire life is created within my mind, and with this newfound inner peace, I could be anyone, do anything. 

Meditation will help you to experience this same unshakeable peace, take control of your mind and emotions, and reap miraculous benefits for your overall health in mind, body & soul. With regular practice, meditation can also help you enhance your relationships and create a life of purpose, abundance and pure joy that cannot be found anywhere else. 

You do not need any prior meditation experience to begin. All you need is a laptop with internet connection, a comfortable space to sit in, and an open-minded willingness to learn. With live one-on-one online meditation sessions, you will receive teachings and meditations customized to your specific needs. You will have the opportunity to practice from the comfort of your own home via Zoom audio, at the flexibility of your schedule. Finally, you will leave the sessions with the skills to develop your own meditation practice and reap the benefits for the rest of your life.

It’s never been more simple and easy to get started, so if you’ve ever considered it, NOW is the time! Spots are limited and usually fill up fast so click below to book right away!

Meditation has numerous benefits that would be impossible to list out at one time. Some benefits include:


  • Mental clarity
  • Happiness and positivity
  • Improved decision-making
  • Ability to handle difficult emotions
  • Self-love and understanding


  • Better sleep
  • Mindful eating habits
  • Improved immune system
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduced risk for disease


  • Spiritual peace
  • Sense of purpose 
  • Fulfillment and contentment
  • Living in the present moment
  • Developing a light-hearted approach to life


  • Improved relations with loved ones
  • Compassion towards others
  • Reduced social anxiety
  • Deeper, long-lasting connections 


  • Manifesting your goals
  • Abundance and success
  • Developing healthy habits
  • Life balance & increased productivity
  • Creating a simple yet fulfilling life 

…And this is all just the tip of the iceberg. You can read about meditation and its benefits for hours, but the only way to truly experience the life changing magic of this valuable skill is to try it out for yourself.

Sign up for a guided meditation session online and it will be the one decision you will NOT regret. Click below to book now!