We are all given only one body during this lifetime, so it should be cherished and taken care of. I am a healthy, confident and independent woman who can survive on my own, not only mentally and emotionally, but physically. I love yoga, gymnastics, and ballet/dance, partaking in cardio and strength training/HIIT often, and love trying new workouts as well as living an active lifestyle. I make sure to have healthy balanced meals and water throughout the day, and recharge every night with a good eight hours or so of sleep (when I can!), along with other health habits in my daily routine such as good hygiene and minimizing stress; mental health is just as important as physical health, and the two are intertwined more than most people realize. I place great importance on holistic wellness, natural healing, and herbal beauty methods.

Health and beauty is not just making sure to have your annual checkup every year with the doctor, optometrist, and dentist, and dressing up and looking nice. True beauty is an energy, a happiness and confidence along with a combination of good health and external beauty; it is a special spark of a spirit that shows one’s soul through the windows of the eyes, and it comes in many forms. After all, you can’t judge how beautiful someone is just by looking at them. I believe that when you feel healthy, beautiful and confident, then you will be happy with how you look and feel and give yourself the love your deserve. There should be no such thing as jealousy and comparison to others–each of the 7 billion people in this world are uniquely beautiful exactly the way God intended, and I am so thankful to have and love everything about my very own body.

Although I do suffer the occasional health problems including iron deficiency and hormonal disorders such as PCOS which can lead to energy shifts, with good health habits I can manage these effectively. I believe self-love is so valuable and necessary to love others. Without proper health, it is difficult to make the most out of what life has to offer, and a healthy human body has boundless potential. As a nurse, I am passionate about helping others in this under-emphasized vital aspect of life, with a focus on health promotion in terms of holistic health-spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and social health for my community as well as under-served populations.

10 Benefits of Regular Exercise

Confession: Quarantine got the best of me and not only have I been MIA in the world of social media, I’ve also been slacking in the fitness department! After getting my body moving again these last couple of weeks, I’ve been feeling a new kind of energy- one that brings motivation, creativity and confidence. Here […]

Coronavirus 101

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CORONAVIRUS (AND MORE): Scientific facts, personal opinions, economic implications, credible resources (and a few comedic memes too good not to share). It seems that the entire world is currently gripped in the confines of fear due to the Coronavirus, a viral respiratory disease that seems to be spreading rapidly […]

Yoga Is: A Transformational Journey

Yoga: To unite ones soul with the Divine Universe  “Yoga Is: A Transformational Journey”, is a film following one woman’s quest for inner peace and enlightenment after the passing of her mother, parting ways from her fiancé, and leaving her job and life in New York City. Initially overcome with an emptiness and loss of […]

Dr. Google’s Health Education

In this modern-day age of technology, with a worldwide web of education at our fingertips and the highest percentage of entrepreneurs than ever before, the market for health coaches, psychotherapists and other mind-body educators is highly saturated. A plethora of information about physical and mental health is available for anyone to share and access at […]

Heart Health & Diet

As a holistic health nurse, I am so passionate about patient education and partaking in healthy lifestyle habits to obtain optimal levels of mind, body and spiritual wellness. A major factor in creating a healthy lifestyle is also maintaining a healthy weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) for your specific body type. As nurses, it […]

Diet Myths & Facts: Healthy Eating For Beginners

Finally back at it in the Youtube world! Check out my Healthy-Eating Fact Sheet from last year if you want pretty much the same information in written form (hehe). Hope you enjoy the video and learn something new about debunking diet myths and getting the facts on how to start a healthy diet. If you like this […]

Diets: Yay Or Nay?

Lately it seems as if there is a new fad diet coming out every other day, a new cleanse to try that is medically proven and guaranteed to help you lose real fat, real fast. In fact, our society has been this way for quite some time now, and it’s only becoming worse; by worse, I […]

Healthy-Eating Fact Sheet

With so much information pouring from all ends of the internet about diet, weight-loss and healthy eating habits, I thought I would list out my facts, tips and tricks for achieving and maintaining a truly healthy lifestyle, which starts from what you eat. Too much fruit is not a good thing. Fruit is composed of […]

Integrative Medicine Center

Today I am excited to share a little bit about my new job- the dream job I’ve waited for my entire life. Without disclosing too much information about the organization or any patient information due to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act(HIPAA), I will say just that I work as a registered nurse at the Integrative Medicine Center at The University […]