Diets: Yay Or Nay?

Lately it seems as if there is a new fad diet coming out every other day, a new cleanse to try that is medically proven and guaranteed to help you lose real fat, real fast. In fact, our society has been this way for quite some time now, and it’s only becoming worse; by worse, I mean the weight-loss industry is growing day by day.

Of course it is wonderful to see so many people who want to lose weight and look and feel better, but when that is the only goal, and when that goal is given a greater importance than that of living a healthy lifestyle, then it can definitely become more of a problem than a solution.

I have been no exception to this trend, and in fact, I started early when I was barely a pre-teen- I was always very interested in diets, working out, and general weight loss despite never having been obese. However, I have never been one to follow diets; although I have done my fair share of research and gaining knowledge about various diets, I have always been much more interested in how to live the healthiest possible lifestyle without becoming overly restrictive or obsessive about weight.

The only “diet” I have found to be even somewhat effective for me is the 10-Day Smoothie Cleanse which I attempted once in 2016 with a successful 7 lb. weight loss, most of which I gained back shortly afterwards during a cruise. I now know that although smoothies have identical nutrition as whole foods, it is not beneficial for your digestive track in the long run when it slowly begins to lose its ability to digest solid foods because it has been so accustomed to smoothies over the years.

The amazing human body is designed to cleanse ourselves daily simply by walking, drinking water and maintaining regular bowel movements, so there is essentially no need for a cleanse. Also, there is a reason why we don’t substitute smoothies for all meals, and that is because all our food is not meant to go directly to our stomach so quickly!

It is important to eat solid foods to allow our digestive systems to function at their maximum ability and allow our nutrition to reach our stomachs at a good pace.

My determination to consistently choose a healthy lifestyle over a short-term diet, no matter how appealing it may be to consider the possibility that ingesting a magic pill for 30 days would allow me to lose 30 pounds without exercise may be, has only grown stronger as I’ve continued to do research in this field and now work in a clinic where information on diet and nutrition are some of the most highly sought after requests.

All in all, what’s the verdict for those who are on the fence about whether to partake in the next popular diet? Well, from a professional standpoint the recommendation is a no. Of course, it is more than okay to indulge in a tasty smoothie bowl from time to time, as long as you are eating healthy meals throughout the day. But dieting is a temporary restriction that is not as sustainable as living a healthy lifestyle that will help you to both look and feel better, inside and out.

Check out my Healthy Eating Fact-Sheet of weight loss tips I’ve learned over the years, including the foods I eat on a regular basis and let me know in the comments below what your experience with diets has been like!



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