All Of Who I Am

Figure out who you want to be and what’s most important to you, and then do it with conviction.

Stay true to your morals, ethics, & core values and stand up for what is right, never forgetting your culture & where you come from.

Be yourself, daring & different, no matter what anyone says, and never regret that.

Love yourself and your body. True beauty is a reflection of your health- not only physically, but spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and socially.

Learn to think differently & use your intellect as a tool to understand, help, and inspire others.

Anything is possible- Open your mind & confidently follow your dreams & you can change the world.

Be still & know that we are all one.

Find something to love in everything and everyone, but trust with caution and always treat others with compassion rather than judgment.

Forgive the past and grow from it. Be prepared for the worst but move forward with optimism and hope for the best, one a day at a time.

Face adversity with fortitude and resilience.

Embrace struggle with open arms & be grateful everyday that you are blessed enough to experience the good and the bad and feel all that it means to be alive.

Be positive and don’t stress the small stuff.

Nurture the planet, but trust the universe.

Work hard and aim high to strive for the best in every aspect of your life, but then relax, let go, and let God.

Balance, patience, and purpose are the keys to gaining material wealth and worldly success, but real freedom is an intrinsic journey of being, which can be found in each individual moment and can never be taken away.

Find this peace and happiness through faith and love, and carry this light and energy with you wherever you go.

And if all else fails, fill your life with faith, surround yourself with love, & begin where you are.

Life is short, so have no fear & dive right in-take chances, be spontaneous, have fun, laugh often, be crazy, and live freely and fully in each moment!


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