Music Monday: A Memorial

In honor of my sister's birthday and her unique nature, I am going to do my first "Music Monday"- on a Tuesday because that is what she would have wanted. The following are songs that either flood my mind with memories of our time together, or songs from her playlists on our shared Spotify account … Continue reading Music Monday: A Memorial


Psych Clinical: Substance Abuse

This semester, I will be spending several weeks participating in a psychiatric rotation for nursing school in units such as stabilization, child and adolescent, and general men's and women's units. This week  I spent the day in the outpatient substance abuse unit at a mental behavioral health hospital. In the morning, there was a group … Continue reading Psych Clinical: Substance Abuse

Tomorrowworld 2014!

Tomorrowworld is a 3-day music festival stemming from the popular and long-standing international festival, Tomorrowland, held in Belium each year. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend its second year in the U.S., along with about 150,000 other people from over 70 countries, and it was truly the experience of a lifetime. From noon … Continue reading Tomorrowworld 2014!

Music Organization & Update

After spending several hours each day for the past week trying to organize all of my music, I am finally all done! On iTunes, I have a total of approximately 4,500 songs (21.34 GB of music) which I have synced with my 160 GB iPod, and an updated current summer playlist which I have synced … Continue reading Music Organization & Update