Shine In My Eyes

Oh I’m so blue, lost all my hope
Thanks to you and your mama too
The expectations and judgement
And traditions and responsibilities
Are almost as bad as
All the yelling and hurting and putting me down

I used to try with all my heart
For my love and my partner to lift me up
Now I work with my mind in all my fear
But I’ll keep it all to myself

For if I said this to you all that I’d hear back
Is how it’s all in my mind
But you’ll never understand
Your words in my mind like knives in my heart
Are not easy to forgive and forget
They’ve broken me

I almost gave up since you’ll think what you want no matter what I do
But I woke up and realized I should do it for me
So I’ve taken back the pieces of my heart
Handed them to the God I hope is still there
My bleeding heart is still alive
And I’ll never let myself lose the shine in my eyes



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