The Dream

I had the strangest dream last vivid that I still feel it in every inch of my body, even though several hours have passed. My sister and I were trying to fit into a small, boxed space to sleep...we pushed each other a bit but finally fit into the cozy, snug space and drifted … Continue reading The Dream


Six Month Update

I haven't updated on here in quite some time, and now that it has officially been six months since the biggest change of my life, I felt it was finally time. Six months ago, I left everything I've ever known to start a new life- my married adult chapter, I like to call it. During this … Continue reading Six Month Update

Becoming Mrs.Maknojia

It’s official- I am a married woman and resident of the state of Texas, having entered fully into the next stage of my life! The wedding was nothing short of perfect; although the order of events did not go according to our exact plans, every single part of the night- from the food and décor, … Continue reading Becoming Mrs.Maknojia


All-inclusive list of personal records of education, work, activities, skills and more! Work The Woman's Hospital of Texas NICU III RN August 2017- Present Dekalb Medical Center Medical-Surgical Oncology RN Preceptor (November 2016- January 2017) July 2015-March 2017 Lyft Driver March 2015-April 2016 Nanny June 2014-July 2014 Schwartz Center for Performing Arts August 2013-January 2014 … Continue reading Resume

All-Time Favorites

Compilation of my personal favorites in music, television, film, books and more! Music I love everything--The list for this is just too long. I could spend hours on iTunes, Sirius XM, Pandora, Spotify, Saavn, Sound cloud, 8 tracks, and watching music videos online and it would never get old. My love for music cannot be expressed … Continue reading All-Time Favorites


I hear a picture is worth a thousand are a few thousand of my favorite memories with my favorite people in the whole wide world! Me, Myself, and I!   The most precious thing I have in this life, my FAMILY First Wedding I Ever Attended Best FRIENDS   His Highness Prince Aga Khan: … Continue reading Scrapbook