Fall 2019 Life Update

Summertime has passed, light and easy, and just like that it’s time for my fall life update. I can hardly believe how quickly the days have flown by this year and that I have successfully survived and thrived over a full year of my new life.

I refer to it as my new life because the past year has been nothing short of a fresh, new chapter of my life. Just like I fondly reflect on my childhood years in Dallas with my family as an early chapter, and just like I consider my adolescent years in Atlanta building a sense of self purpose and strong friendships an important chapter of transition, I am confident that this Houston chapter is the next stage of my life, created like divine artwork on a blank slate.

Once I lost everything, I also let go of control, over-thinking and wasted energy towards things that were not in my control. Along with prioritizing my inner peace and the alignment of my mind, body and soul every single day, this cleanse created the space in my life for the Universe fill it with things much bigger and better than I could ever have imagined.

It cleared out the space for me to get my dream job with an unexpected raise and various bonuses, the independence of having my own place to call home, becoming a proud car owner as I paid off my final payment, starting my own business and taking it to new levels, experimenting with new recipes, new experiences including meeting new people and so much traveling with my family and friends.

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Most importantly, it has created the space in my life necessary for building relationships that fill my heart and life with the utmost love. With each day that passes, I grow stronger in love. Learning to love without expectations, to love without judgments or fear of being judged, to love without attachment (it’s a work in progress) and to fall in love with the beauty of love itself, without limits or exceptions.

“It is impossible not to love anyone you truly understand.”

This month also happens to mark the two-year anniversary of when my sweet baby sister gained her angel wings in Heaven, but I feel as close to her in spirit now as I did in heart during her physical time on Earth. What I am most grateful for is the ability to remain soft and gentle despite the grueling process of grieving, and to have such an immense gratitude for, understanding of and control over my emotions in a way I never had before.

And I can confidently say something I thought I wouldn’t be able to in a long, long time: I am so happy. I am so happy and content and grateful every single day, for the abounding abundance I have been blessed with and to be fortunate enough to be able to help others and give back in any way I can.

I cherish the memories I have made thus far and embrace the inevitable chaos that is the adventure of life that lies ahead. As much as I am not fond of the chilly weather, fall fashion or pumpkin spice anything, I am still excitedly looking forward to Halloween celebrations, cozy blankets by the fire (yes, to me the slight chill of the fall weather is equivalent to winter), and yes- even the festivities of the upcoming holiday season (too soon?).

For now, I am just expanding my mind and working hard to make each day as productive as I can, spending a lot of time relaxing and having fun with family and friends, and continuing to practice self-love, compassion towards others and presence in each moment.

I never thought in a million years that my life could make such a drastic 180 in just one short year. Yet, out of the depths of my despair, from the miracles of miracles, here I am- exactly where I am meant to be, with all exactly as it should be right now. What I could not achieve in 30 years when I tried to take control, the Universe has granted me in less than a year, as soon as I let go and let God.Happy Fall autumn greeting card pumpkin acorn leves Modern hand written banner vector orange

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