I hear a picture is worth a thousand words…here are a few thousand of my favorite memories with my favorite people in the whole wide world!

Me, Myself, and I!


The most precious thing I have in this life, my FAMILY
First Wedding I Ever Attended



His Highness Prince Aga Khan:
Spiritual Leader Of The Ismaili Muslims


High School Days


Alpha Xi Delta Sorority at Georgia State University


College BFFs


My Typical Birthday Dinner


Childhood Friend from Dallas, Texas


Spring Break Memories


My Twin, Big, and Grandbig


Pledge Class Spring 2010


FAMILY (a few from my mom’s side)
The first family wedding I ever attended, aka LOVE!
My sister & I with our only brothers: Toronto, Canada


The Closest I Ever Came To Having A Little


My First AXiD sister, Stacie


First Georgia State University Football Game in History!


GSU Courtyard..Where I Spent Over Four Years Of My Life


My Love


My Time at the Orphanage in Costa Rica


Christmas With My Sisters


These Two Are My Best Friends


2010 Turned Out To Be The BEST Year Of My Life

 Picnics In France

Favorite “Selfie”
White Rock Lake in Dallas, TX


High School Senior Day 2007
It’s Always A Good Time


Athens Always Turns Out To Be The Best Time
Emphasis on LOVE


Mommy And CutiePie


Nothing Better Than The Sun and Beach


A Few Of My Faves


Christmas With My Other Family


A Few Of My Favorite Memories


Al-Ummah 2006..A Life Changing Three Weeks
You Know I Love Me Some Vampires On My Favorite Holiday!
Georgia State University Graduation




My Second Parents: Dallas, Texas


White Water Rafting


My Home In Costa Rica


Ziplining: The Best Experience Of Life


Luke, My Favorite Horse


The People I Lived With For Half a Year


Street Performers In France


Roomates For Life




Saddest Memory: Concentration Camp in Germany


Strasbourg, France: My Second Home


Heidleberg, Germany: The Cutest Town in the World


No Caption Necessary


A Glimpse Of Switzerland


I Think this is Luxemburg, the Smallest and Richest Country Ever!


Milan, Italy


I Love Traveling!
My Atlanta Room/Happy Place
Serena: New 2014 Honda Accord & My First Car I Own!

 iPhone (5s): My 3rd Favorite Thing In The World lol

I love picnics


Atlanta Street Food Festival 2014
Tomorrowworld 2014!


Beach Life



Best Friends In The World
 Nizari Reunion Memories


 Student Nurse (Emory University)
Love, Friendship, Dinner, Atlanta, Happiness


Volunteer Abroad in Eluthera, Bahamas
Island Beach Bonfire Party- Crossed Off My Bucket List!
Nurse Fatima- Emory University
Camp Legacy 2015
Best Friend’s Wedding!
Aga Khan Health Board Marketing Chair!
First Event At My First Ever Nursing Job!
Birthday 2015

Washington, D.C. 2016


More Bounce In California
Solo Volunteer Trip to Tanzania, Africa 2016
First Cruise With The Besties
Austrailia + New Zealand 2017
































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