Live Light

Beyond the field of wrong and right  Sometimes dark but often bright Doing my best Trusting with the rest  I watch every moment  Always full Grateful that it's never dull Going up and down and crazy All exactly where I'm meant to be  A visitor in this galaxy  It's a game and I'll play But … Continue reading Live Light



Last week, one of my best friends came to me feeling very upset because a random trainer at the gym told her that she would never succeed. Even though she knew she was eating well, working out, and had made incredible progress over the past year, she was still so hurt by the false words … Continue reading Self-Advice

Letting Go

The greatest and most difficult lesson I have ever learned in my entire lifetime, that I still am continuously working on, is that of letting go. Not just letting go of small things, or even big things, but letting go of the external identity of self- Ego. Letting go is not forgetting. It is not … Continue reading Letting Go


I hear a picture is worth a thousand are a few thousand of my favorite memories with my favorite people in the whole wide world! Me, Myself, and I!   The most precious thing I have in this life, my FAMILY First Wedding I Ever Attended Best FRIENDS   His Highness Prince Aga Khan: … Continue reading Scrapbook