This Is Our Year

There have been so many people coming to me lately about the many inevitable challenges of life (I have had no shortages of that myself), and if you are one of them then just know you are not alone...and if you are waiting on a sign, this is it. You see, others may break you … Continue reading This Is Our Year

Back To Myself

After all the highs and lows of this year, despite all the twists and turns I had to make, I once again found my way back to myself. The greatest blessing during this challenging year was the significant and life-changing improvement upon my ability to connect with the stillness within myself and detach from my … Continue reading Back To Myself


There isn't a single soul I've ever met who does not want to feel happy, healthy, loved and successful with purpose in life. The difference between those who find their place and those who remain lost is mindset; anyone, anywhere, at any time can change their world by changing their thoughts. If you look for … Continue reading Contentment

Letting Go

The greatest and most difficult lesson I have ever learned in my entire lifetime, that I still am continuously working on, is that of letting go. Not just letting go of small things, or even big things, but letting go of the external identity of self- Ego. Letting go is not forgetting. It is not … Continue reading Letting Go


I hear a picture is worth a thousand are a few thousand of my favorite memories with my favorite people in the whole wide world! Me, Myself, and I!   The most precious thing I have in this life, my FAMILY First Wedding I Ever Attended Best FRIENDS   His Highness Prince Aga Khan: … Continue reading Scrapbook