My Ten Truths

1. There is some eternal powerful energy source of the Universe beyond what we know which we all come from and return to. I don’t know much about this source, but I know if we have consciousness then it has the same consciousness.

2. This source is found deep inside the stillness of all human being souls and no philosopher or scholar or religious guru can teach you more about this experience than you can find yourself by looking within during meditation and moments of present stillness. You are the universe; everything you seek is within you.

3. While we are here on earth, whatever we believe the reason may be, the most important thing is to be a good person and do no harm. Be whoever you want and decide to do, without worry of what anyone thinks, but be an ethical one who doesn’t make the world worse.

4. We are given one body to carry our souls and whoever we choose to be. Diet, exercise, sleep and water and basic care of our bodies will give us self-love, confidence, and the energy to fuel our minds and hearts and live this life.

5. Our mind is our world, and should continually be exercised and strengthened through meditation, remain open to new people and ideas and ways of life, and trained to think deeply about our existence and why we are even here. Push it as far as you want, for here there are no limits.

6. Stemming from the previous point, we as humans have emotions- memories, dreams, people, love, pain. This is what makes us feel real, and alive, and fuels a lot of what we do. Pain exudes empathy and compassion for others and for many, this is their sole and primary purpose.

7. Responsibilities and society does exist, whether we choose to conform or be productive or not- the consequences are our own. We must find purpose, work hard to achieve our dreams, and even if we don’t have dreams, we have to do the basics unless we want to be homeless and go hungry and not survive- it’s all how much you want to do and make of it.

8. It’s important to have fun and laugh and not take life too seriously. Find a hobby, make some friends, take a nap, or go explore somewhere new and do something you enjoy, like skydiving after a concert at the beach in Hawaii or snuggling on the couch with coffee and a good book.

9. This moment is all there ever is. There is no real use in dwelling on past moments, although they are always available in your memory for access or for your past life experience to guide your future actions, and there is no use in missing this moment to spend excessive time in worry, since there is very little we control other than our own selves.

10. These are only my personal fundamental truths, because there is nothing else of significance that I know to be true or meaningful in my existence and everything else should be let go; however, each person must find their own. There are a million bad things that happen and endless unanswered questions and an eternity of knowledge I know nothing about, and the final truth is to accept this.

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