Letting Go

The greatest and most difficult lesson I have ever learned in my entire lifetime, that I still am continuously working on, is that of letting go. Not just letting go of small things, or even big things, but letting go of the external identity of self- Ego. Letting go is not forgetting. It is not pushing something behind and distracting your mind from thinking about something. It is not keeping track of all the things that you’ve “let go” of and being exhausted at the injustice of having to let go so much. It doesn’t even mean using the fuel of past hurt or anger as energy to create a positive future. What letting go really means, is simply that- letting go.

When an external event happens in the world, whether it is caused by another person or natural reasons, be open and allow whatever thoughts (and emotions, if need be) arise to pass through you until they have been experienced. Process what is useful, and then let go for good. The memory of the event may stay with you in your mind when you need to access it, but it will no longer be attached to you or your being or your actions. I always heard it but never fully understood it until recently, and it goes along hand in hand with the intensity of your faith. And, like faith, it can never be explained to someone else via words and a mental process; it has to experienced on one’s own via daily practice. The day that inner peace is given a greater importance than Ego, is the very day that peace is attained.

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