How quickly you can regress
Fifteen years in one moment
Frozen in a flashback 
Of memories passed 


Striving to be seen
Determined and intent
To prove 
Aching to fit 
Into the mold of societal norm 
Rather than embrace her own silhouette 
Unaware of the beauty
That lies ahead 
And is filled within 

The Beginning 

Paint a picture
Of home 
Sweet summer time 
White picket fence, lush emerald grass
It’s Easy living 
Georgia peaches and sweet tea 
Sisters and books in the sunroom 
By the backyard pool 
The aroma of a mother’s love in the kitchen
Her voice, a familiar melody spreading lessons of compassion
Education, Ethics, empathy 
And the strength to be soft 
And smile from the soul 
Flower vase and white lace 
Laughter of family and children echoing throughout 
Gathering of friendships
The embrace of community surrounds 
Safe. Love. Warm.

The Move  

Alone in the cold empty room 
Surrounded by emptier hearts 
Under the looking glass 
Judged and every move 
Work, productivity, and someone else’s opinion of success 
Is the ruler measuring worth 
Merely a pawn to be used 
And set up to lose 
No time for thoughts, emotions, creativity 
Suppressed until dismissed 
Red lips painting a smile to disguise 
Blue eyes 
On the go 
Weeping and wishing to go 
But already arrived 

The Storm 

The weight of his words too heavy 
To carry
Burns too deep
Fighting and falling, failing 
Until the timer runs out 
She remembers the lessons of home 
Of letting go 

The Rise

Peeking sunlight gently waking green eyes 
Sunrise stretches and a deep breath 
Of fresh air, and freedom 
And relief 
A new morning 
Greeted by sanctuary 
In Solace 
An unexpected guest
Welcomed with a smile and a song
Once thought to be lost  
Swept up by calming melodies 
Carried by faith 
Once again embraced
Spiritual serenity and a heart open wide
And alive 
Finally home 

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