Let’s Talk About Abortion

Should abortion be restricted? Who determines whether abortions are ethical? Can anyone get an abortion?

These are a few of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to the topic of abortion, and as we near one of the most important elections in U.S. history, it is more important than ever before to educate ourselves and become aware of the issues that our society is facing. (P.S. If you haven’t voted yet, learn how to exercise your right and do your part here). Today, I join human rights blogger, Alexandra Birk, to open the floor for discussion as we shed light on this very important issue.

Although I have limited personal experience with abortions, it is an issue I am extremely passionate about as a medical professional, a woman and a human rights advocate. As the topic grows in public awareness, it also grows in controversy, but truly it is only the women who have personal experience who are the best judge of abortion policies and laws.

In general, I am completely transparent about my personal beliefs surrounding abortion, and believe that women should have the right to do whatever they want to their body, especially in the case of unwanted pregnancies before the fetus is considered alive, and when due to nonconsensual circumstances beyond their control.

There is, however, such a fine line when it comes to determining which polices would be most beneficial and effective to result in the ultimate goal, which is a balance between the freedom of choice and to preserve human life whenever possible.

For example, I would not condone partaking in irresponsible and premature sexual activity with the knowledge of pregnancy risk and the intention of not keeping the child; in cases such as these, if a woman decides she is responsible enough to be sexually active, the responsibilities of the potential consequences must be kept in mind. However, there are various other factors that go into consideration when debating whether to get an abortion, and it is only through open discussion that we can move towards just laws and improved policies surrounding abortion.

Recently, blogger Alexandra Birk and I discussed our views regarding the following questions, in this interview-style Q&A video (apologies for the poor quality – life happens).

  • How do you feel about Amy Coney Barrett and her political stance regarding abortions?
  • How would the situation differ if men were the ones bearing children? Can we imagine a world in which a board of women would make that decision?
  • Is birth control being the responsibility of both parties? Is birth control covered by insurance?
  • How easy/difficult is it to get an abortion in your state (compared to other states) right now in 2020?
  • Under which circumstances do you think it is okay to have an abortion? Should there be limitations?
  • Regarding abortion in minors, should physicians be mandated to inform parents/guardians?
  • What would the potential impact be if abortion were to become restricted? Would it lead to unsafe options? Would women take action anyway?
  • Have you ever worked/dealt with women who underwent an abortion? Do you think it is harmful to a woman, physically, mentally, emotionally?
  • Many men and women who advocate for pro-life use their religious views as an argument. Are you a religious person and do you think this is justified?

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