Wedding Bells 2020

The Wedding bells have rung and a new chapter has begun…I am now officially and happily married as Mrs. Fatima Punja Sohani, wife of Mr. Anil Jamal Sohani!

Our story began back in 2018 after the most difficult time of my life, after I finally learned to let go and let God and trust in the flow of the Universe. When I first met Anil, I had an open-mind and zero expectations. All I knew was that I laughed more than I ever had in my entire life, and suddenly the problems in my life didn’t seem quite as heavy.

After ensuring I have a smile on my face every single day for two years, he finally moved to Houston and proposed to get married in a month, and it was the easiest “Yes” I have ever said.

Shortly after (one week later), we completed our civil ceremony with close family in a a beautiful park by the water, the skies clear and warm in December, like a gift from God just for me. I remember driving there together, holding hands and singing at the top of our lungs, feeling peaceful and lighthearted and inexplicably free, symbolic of what our relationship is like on a daily basis.

The weeks that followed were a blur, waking up at 6am for work, getting home at 6pm after dark, and spending every evening and weekend preparing for the wedding – COVID edition. We were able to keep it somewhat intimate in the backyard, but planning out the right decorator, photographer, music, invitations, food, outfits, makeup, cake, masks (lol) and so much more all in just a few weeks time was quite the hurdle! Because we did it all together, with the help of our closest loved ones, it turned out to be one big, unforgettable adventure that was absolutely worth it.

Because I have a strong foundation with the right person, all of these things did not matter to us much. But, for the sake of celebrating our love and making our friends and family happy, we did it. I’ll be honest: 100 little things seemed to go wrong…but what went right was worth millions, and everyone was in mutual agreement that the whole wedding couldn’t have gone better!

From the intimate engagement and civil ceremony, to the meaningful Nikkah and Pithi/Reception/Satada celebrations, I can’t thank our families and friends enough for making our dream into a reality. It honestly would not even have been possible without their endless hours of dedication, tireless hard work, and never ending love and support.

2020 has been a crazy roller coaster of a year, but to me it has felt like a little slice of heaven having Anil by my side. After the wedding festivities, he has moved in and for the first time since I moved from Atlanta in 2017, I feel like I am finally home. We have put up our first Christmas tree, have (COVID friendly) gatherings planned with our families, and hope and excitement for the future.

To my best friend, family/husband, life partner, true love and soulmate: If the last 2 years are any indication of the rest of our lives, then I can’t wait to spend forever with you. You are literally a spirit of light, love, and laughter in every single moment, unlike anyone I have ever met in my life. Thank you for making every day feel like summer vacation with a best friend, for never letting a day go by without making me laugh, for always being there no matter what, and for showing me what it means to truly love with patience, understanding, respect, forgiveness, compromise and compassion.

You spread light, positivity and joy wherever you go, and are the definition of kind and selfless in all your actions – to me, that is the ultimate success. I promise that I will always uphold my role as a wife to the best of my ability for the rest of my life no matter what. My only regret is not meeting you sooner, but it is meeting you that has shown me why it never worked out with anyone else. What you and I have is something I thought only existed in fairy tales, and no amount of words can express what it’s like to realize you have made it my reality. May God continue to shower His blessings on us as we journey into 2021 and beyond – I love you!

Here are a few of our memories from the weekend we will never forget! Also feel free to check out our wedding website invitation, join our Facebook group for updates, and follow along on social media with our hashtag, #SohaPuTogether!

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