4 Feel-Good Faves

For the first time since my life took a drastic turn into marriage over two months ago, I feel like my Self- content exactly where I am and excited for all that the future holds. In light of this change in perspective, I wanted to share four of my current feel-good favorites, some of which have helped lead me back home and others which have served as excellent distractors from the seriousness of life.

1). Book: The Untethered Soul

This underrated book by Michael Singer, in combination with meditation and daily practice, has singlehandedly served as the best tool I could’ve ever imagined to remind me of what I had forgotten. A quick yet mind-blowing read, it uses the ideal combination of spirituality and science to guide the reader on how to attain enlightenment, how life is meant to be lived, and of all that you already are. Singer speaks of conscious awareness of Self, universal and inner energy patterns, acceptance and openness instead of fear and resistance, and making the decision to choose temporary pain for permanent freedom, joy and enthusiasm and love every single day. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend you purchase a copy via Amazon Smile (while donating to your favorite charity) or download the audiobook here, and set aside one weekend to change your entire life. Below is a link to preview a summary of the book, but it is all just a mere glimpse of what you can experience by reading this book and making the effort to apply it to your life.
“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” -Rumi

2). TV Show: The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

On an entire different note, this show consists of absolutely nothing serious about yourself or life- and that is precisely why it is number two on my current feel-good favorites list. Coming from someone who generally is not drawn towards television shows of the comedic genre, it is safe to say that this show will make you chuckle simply at the absurdity of its creation (and possibly give you the undesired side-effect of wanting to become best buds with Tina Fey). After completing the first season a couple of years ago and thinking to myself what a waste of time it was, I was surprised at how my excitement took over upon discovering that seasons two and three are now available to binge-watch on Netflix. Follow the good-hearted but humorously misfortunate Kimmy Schmidt as she deals with the toughest of situations in the most positive way possible anytime you need to escape life and have a good, hearty laugh.

3). Movie: A Dog’s Purpose

What is a dog’s purpose? Find out in this unique blend of depth, comedy, and tear-jerking commentary by a dog trying to discover his purpose during the course of five lifetimes. Throughout his ups and downs with various owners, he realizes the importance of enjoying life, loving others, making a difference, and being present in each moment. Although this may not be everyone’s cup of tea and does require a box of Kleenex, it is the perfect movie to watch with a hot cup of cocoa, cuddled up with your significant other or beloved pet or both. In the end, you’ll come to see that maybe a dog’s purpose is not much different or yours or mine, and it will surely give you a change of perspective on what truly matters most.

4). Song: Dance
Last but not least, there is this song by POWERS along with a music video that will touch your heart and leave you inspired (ok, or maybe it’s just a bunch of people with unique style expressing creativity and having a good time)- regardless, it’s the lack of meaningful lyrics and carefree layout of the video that got me. Much like the number two item on my list, there’s not much soul-quenching power to this song, but it’s guaranteed to tempt even a non-dancer to get up and start moving! *Click To Dance* I do feel the need to clarify to anyone who doesn’t comprehend my love for music, that this is only one of many favorites…and that’s just for today. If you want to check out any other songs or genres, follow my playlists on Spotify @ fpunja; trust me, there’s not a person, place or emotion I don’t have a song for 😉. Enjoy!

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