Ten-Day Transformation: Update

I DID IT! It is Day 10 of my ten-day transformation and words cannot even begin to describe this life-altering experience. (Find out what led me to begin this journey 10 days ago, here). This was probably one of the most difficult challenges I have ever set for myself, and required immense determination, dedication, strength and faith. That being said, it has also been one of the most rewarding and miraculous processes I have ever undergone, and I will do my absolute best to share the journey with you all.

The original purpose of this transformation was an outward transformation: to complete a ten-day smoothie cleanse that claimed to provide various benefits such as a jump-start to weight-loss, better sleep, less cravings, improved digestion, and glowing skin and hair. Well, not only did I experience these benefits, but I got much more: a feeling of renewed health, constant energy, mental clarity and emotional balance. The first several days were quite difficult, to be honest- I was craving carbs and salt like no other! But once I adjusted to the routine and focused on the journey rather than the end results, it became much easier and went by a lot quicker. As an added bonus, I lost 7 pounds and reached my ideal weight, and am feeling healthier and more confident than ever before! I know this all sounds like an infomercial that seems too good to be true, but I felt this was the perfect way to get back into a healthy lifestyle and I highly recommend to anyone wishing to do the same!

My other focus during this ten day period was spirituality and getting in touch with my true self. I attended a daily 4 am meditation and prayer, read through the ten chapters of Eckhart Tolle’s, “Stillness Speaks”, and did more journaling and reflecting than I have in a long time. Meditation has allowed me to feel the Universal Energy within myself and realize the One, Eternal Power that IS all living beings. It has resulted in my wordly self- the Ismaili, music and travel and health loving, wife and daughter and nurse, open-minded and compassionate, past and present experiencing Fatima with thoughts and feelings who is writing this blog- seeing my temporary existence in the most simplistic and positive way. In conjunction with my reading, it has allowed me to truly BE in the NOW, and that is what has led me to be able to let go of my past pains and put faith before fear of the future and find a peace and joy in each moment that is difficult to explain to anyone who has not experienced it for themselves.

And then there are the benefits I had no idea I would attain in these ten short days. Earlier this year, I simplified my material possessions in aim to become less attached to worldly belongings. This journey has helped me to simply my entire life- not only does this leave more time for me to experience life, it also allows me to post more content on my blog for you guys, while it still serving as a creative outlet for myself. In terms of my emotions, I feel loved and more receptive to love by my trusted family and friends, and I also feel one with nature and more connected to the people in my communities and even strangers who I come across; it’s like this love, along with improved patience, tolerance, compassion and understanding, has overpowered any negative emotions I used to carry with me, and it’s truly a light and beautiful feeling to experience. Overall, this journey has allowed me to look within and face the deepest parts of myself, and uncover a lifetime of layers to be shed in order to finally get back in touch with my true Self within. Never in a million years did I think I would gain this kind of enlightenment from what was supposed to be a simple smoothie cleanse!

The greatest lesson I learned in all of this is to trust in God and not take life too seriously. You are so, so much more than the worldly self you identify with, and as long as you remain positive and do the best you can with what you have, the universe will bring abundance to every aspect of your life. Life is a lot more simple than we tend to make it, but if you are able to recognize this and live fully in each moment, your problems will shrink and your days will be filled with love and laughter. I (worldly self) am (being). For me, this transformation was a great transition into the next stage of my life, and I feel refreshed and renewed and ready for whatever is next.

Current favorite song & soundtrack to my life: Joy by Johnny Diaz

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