Ten Days Of Heaven

In my previous post, I mentioned the hard work and challenges on the road to a ten-day transformation that impacted every aspect of my life. In accordance with the motto, “Work hard, Play hard”, it is only fair that I now share the adventures that took place in the ten days following my transformation period. Having put spirit first, and feeling good inside and out, I was ready to put all work and responsibilities aside and enjoy the much-deserved quality time with family and friends…and that is exactly what I did.


On the Thursday night Rehan arrived, we went straight from the airport to a restaurant called “Twin Peaks” to have a midnight snack with his friends Jimmy and Lisha. On Friday, we met up with my friends Manisha and Naqqash and spent the whole day literally “playing” at Dave & Buster’s- from Guitar Hero and Basketball, to virtual reality on motorcycles and spinning the wheel for tickets, I think we played just about every game until it was time to shop for some prizes that I have to say I am quite pleased with. The evening was spent with alone time walking and joking our way around the mall, until it was time to part ways for a while.

Dave & Busters + Mall
(Not Pictured: Manisha & Naqqash)

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, which fell on the weekend this year, it was my scheduled weekend to work, but I stopped by each day after work to join in on the Christmas festivities. Even though we didn’t see each other much that weekend, it was all worth it when we spent the next two days celebrating my birthday with family. My aunt and her entire family came over from Toronto, Canada, and we bonded over cheesecake and my cousin’s adorable newborn baby, Hasina. On Tuesday, my actual birthday, my sister somehow made it home despite a full flight with supposedly no space- I like to take that as my personal present from God. We kept with the tradition of going to my favorite Hibachi restaurant, my greatest dream of going to prayer with my mom and SO, and a night of watching and then researching the history behind “Assassin’s Creed”.

Christmas Party After Work
Great Big Family Selfie
Atlanta Northeast

This was followed by a lazy day and another work day, but the fun continued Thursday night at the Atlanta Chinese Lantern Festival and Skyview in Downtown Atlanta. Despite the freezing cold, it was a night to remember for sure. On Friday night and Saturday night, we celebrated my birthday and rang in the new year with all of our best friends, and I got the rest of my presents which I cannot wait to show you. On Sunday, I started off the new year at home watching my mom’s favorite show with her, my sister, and my friends. We ended his visit with one last date to Thai of Norcross and watching the Falcons win at Taco Mac with our friends.

Date Night: Chinese Lantern Festival & Skyview At Centennial Olympic Park
Twenty Eight Never Felt So Good
No Better Way To Ring In The New Year 2017!
Taco Mac: Falcons Win!

The happiness I felt during these ten days wholeheartedly makes up for any negativity during the rest of the year- but I’ll stop talking now and let just a few more of my favorite pictures speak for themselves! I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season and remembered the true meaning of this special time with loved ones. Merry Holidays!

New Years Resolution: Trust The Universe & Laugh More
2007-2017: Celebrating A Decade Of Friendship


Snapchat Birthday Selfie With My Moo
Alia & Anaya- Life Of The Party Hehe


Last But Not Least: Just A FEW Of My Christmas & Birthday Presents!
R: Thoughtful  beach wedding album & beautiful printed photos, 5 lovely scents from B&BW, Mermaid snuggie & necklace, and My favorite candy.
Mommy: Instant pot I asked for this year (yay!), Gold “Allah” locket passed on from childhood
Anita: The sweetest little Birthday Zine in the world (love it!), Glass lightcatcher with message
Toronto Family: Tasbih & Lump sum of cash for shopping
Sabreena: “The Power of Now” book, Bride & Groom activity book, adult meditation coloring books
Moaazma: Vanilla B&BW Scent for Secret Santa Christmas Presents
Swasti: 2 beautifully inspiring wall decor pieces for my Houston home
Dave & Busters Prizes with Manisha & Naqqash: Travel neck pillow, Love necklace set, Sunglasses
Ron: Handmade wooden serving board with chalkboard for messages
Huong (Dekalb Medical Orientee): B&BW Gift Card

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