Happiness VS. Peace

This post has been a long time coming because the difference between happiness and peace is so extremely significant, yet so underrated and misunderstood that I really wanted to discuss it on here. Happiness is an emotion. It is a mood, such as sadness, anger, frustration or confusion. Like all feelings, it comes and goes based on worldly circumstances, thoughts and emotional well-being. When you land your dream job or get married to your soulmate, or when you finally feel that your health and job and relationship are balanced and you find time to explore your hobbies, you may feel happy. When you lose your job or your marriage falls apart or suddenly you’re overwhelmed and feeling like a failure in your attempts to get your life on track, this happiness can turn into sadness in the blink of an eye. In short, happiness can be lost as easily as it is found, because it is a temporary emotional state as part of the circle of life.


Peace, on the other hand, is a slightly more complex concept to understand, but (in my personal opinion) the greatest experience to have in this life. Peace is an internal, unchanging state of being that is already present deep inside each individual. It has little to do with your current life situation, your worldly experiences, or the people around you. It is true that these worldly experiences may shape your ability to connect with this peace, but the peace is ever-present, albeit it may be buried deep inside covered by outward distractors. What I mean by this is that someone may stay busy in their lives for years and never have an opportunity to discover this peace until a traumatic or tragic life event occurs which ultimately forces them to look within to find solace. However, the peace has always been and will continue to be present within that person, available to call upon whenever needed. This peace comes with the ability to remain resilient and hopeful during life’s most difficult challenges.

When we finally give up the struggle to find fulfillment “out there,” we have nowhere to go but within. It is at this moment of total surrender that a new light begins to dawn.

The peace I am so fondly speaking of can found by looking deep within yourself during consistent spiritual practices such as meditation. It is found by removing the outer layers of yourself to uncover the deepest parts of who you are. This peace is found by letting go of societal norms and mental constraints that have been engraved in your mind for years. It is attained by being present in each moment and accepting it as it is without judgment or resistance. Inner peace can be accessed at any time, and serves as your own personal sanctuary regardless of your emotional state. It can then be used during times of struggle to control your outward states and, consequently, the circumstances which manifest in your life. As a result of raising your vibrational frequency to that of peace and joy, abundance and positivity will begin to flow within yourself and into to all areas of your life…as long as you remember to keep in mind the vital difference between peace and happiness.


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