Free-Spirit Friday

I wanted to wait a while for things to fall back into place before I posted another update, but I feel like there is no time more perfect than now because I am finally feeling like my true Self again! During my meditation this morning, I noticed I was feeling sad, which is okay because it means I’m human, but then I noticed that I was feeling happy at the exact same time. I was feeling anxious, but excited too; a little annoyed and angry, but also lighthearted enough to laugh about it all. I welcomed the thoughts & feelings that passed through my body, and then I just was, in the moment.

Life is crazy but peace comes from the very depth of the soul, and when I can control that then the rest becomes a lot easier. I know who I am and I love my amazing life, and it has been a while since I have felt as full of faith and free-spirited as I am feeling today. This does not mean that everything is perfect now or that I no longer have any problems, or that no negativity crosses my mind or emotions or worldly circumstances, because they do and that’s okay. What it does mean is that I am reminded of the power I have within myself to control my life, appreciate all the positivity and love that surrounds me, and embrace all the parts of life that make me feel alive. Happy Friday to you all! Xoxo:)

Links I’m Loving:

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