A Simple Soul

They say that when life gets too overwhelming, it is natural to desire an existence of simplicity. Well, perhaps the greatest change which has occurred in me after the most difficult year of my life, is the intrinsic peace that has now become so easy to access. After discovering this new world of inner peace which never leaves my side, it seems obvious to me that such few things really matter in this transient world:

The kind of person I am and what matters to me, and sharing it with you all. Taking care of myself, mind and body, so I can care for others. Receiving the love from my family and friends so I can share it with them & spread it to everyone I come across, connecting to my true purpose. Balancing the responsibilities of meaningful work and home life, which society expects from me. And making sure that I make time for the simple joys and never take anything too seriously.

It is truly so simple and there is nothing beyond this that matters to me. All we can do is appreciate the positive, let go of the negative which we cannot control, and live fully in the present moment with acceptance, faith, and love.

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