A Simple Soul

They say that when life gets too overwhelming, it is natural to desire an existence of simplicity. Well, perhaps the greatest change which has occurred in me after the most difficult year of my life, is the inner peace that has now become so easy to access. After discovering this new world of peace, it … Continue reading A Simple Soul


Spiritual Freedom

Since my awakening in 2010, I have considered myself to be a free spirit in the sense that I never really felt that I quite fit into this society, but I discovered an inner light and my soul greatly resonated with the ideas of living a life of freedom, charisma, deep love and simple joys...although … Continue reading Spiritual Freedom

Blank Slate: Lifestyle Minimalism

A little less than one year ago I began my journey into a simple lifestyle by diving headfirst into the world of de-cluttering and minimalism. (Read about the beginning of my journey here). Today, I would like to reflect on that simple choice and how it has grown into a lifestyle, and talk a little bit about … Continue reading Blank Slate: Lifestyle Minimalism

Minimalism: A New Meaning to Spring Cleaning

During the past couple of weeks, I decided to do a bit of "spring cleaning" which turned into a deep-cleaning, obsessive addiction of ridding my room and my life of 27 years worth of junk. It started out with my desk area and the realization that I may not need to keep 200 pencils, 300 … Continue reading Minimalism: A New Meaning to Spring Cleaning