Update: Lifestyle Minimalism

A little less than one year ago I began my journey into a simple lifestyle by diving headfirst into the world of de-cluttering and minimalism. (Read about the beginning of my journey here). Today, I would like to reflect on that simple choice and how it has grown into a lifestyle, and talk a little bit about the the magnificent impact it continues to have on my life:

One of the best decisions I have made in my life was leaving behind everything I’ve ever known to start a new life here in Texas. Don’t get me wrong- this journey has been just as challenging as it has rewarding! But technically, it can be said that upon moving here, I really didn’t have anything- not necessarily in a bad way, but in the sense that I could be anyone, do anything. But because I remained conscious and aware during this transition, I was able to fill the empty new space that was my life with only the things that meant the most to me, things that made me happy, things I was most passionate about.

I devoted my time to my personal priority- inner joy- by practicing a new kind of daily meditation, partaking in daily prayer services, and writing in my journal to reflect on this process. I gave importance to my health, my body, my diet and exercise progress, and self-love. I discovered the people who mean the the most to me in the whole world and put in my efforts to focus on building those quality relationships rather than quantity, and sharing my love with the world to help others.

In this way, I was able to clear my mind and my time and allow myself to put in my wholehearted efforts into my nursing career, adult responsibilities and blogging hobby. And maybe most importantly, because I spent less time on unnecessary issues and had more time on my hands, I was able to finally truly grow my practice of living in the moment and experiencing these moments and life more fully. I even had time to spend my evenings and weekends relaxing and meeting new people (Although this part may change a bit in the future– you get the idea).

Basically, filling my blank slate in a conscious manner gave me the same, if not much greater, satisfaction as did my massive cleanse of material belongings before my volunteer trip to Africa last fall, because I applied these minimalist concepts to my life rather than only my belongings. Instead of having less items in my possession, it became all about having less- period.

And it is only after I began this journey that I realized that in the end, it’s really not about how little you own…it’s really about letting go of things and ideas that no longer serve your greater purpose, and filling your blank slate only with what brings you greatest fulfillment and joy.

“Minimalism is the art of letting go.” –Unknown



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