Cabin By The Oak

You are the observer inside of a cabin in the woods that has always been and will always remain your home. Smells of your favorite foods bring back sweet memories you can almost taste, and sounds of you favorite music provide hope that everything will be okay. The sensation of comfort brought on by a warm fire lights up the room as proof that you are right where you are meant to be. Looking around, you see that you are surrounded by an abundance of love and friendship, feeling light and peaceful as you relax in your sanctuary- the one that has always been and will always be.
But once in a while, when the windows are open and there is a terrible storm, snow and ice and pieces of debris come flying in, disturbing the peace and creating chaos inside the cabin. After all, it is only a guest house and every event, every thought and emotion, is welcome and accepted here. You know that it’s alright, because the next morning during your time of stillness, or any moment when you decide to shut the windows, you can clean up the mess from the storm, and begin again. open your windows to a brand new day, prepared for whatever is to come next.
As you open your senses and the windows to a brand new day, you are prepared once again for whatever is to come next. You accept the storms whilst you focus on the more meaningful joy present inside. Breathing in the crisp air outside your cabin, you know that you are doing your best and you trust the Universe with the rest. Breathing out, you smile, because you Are. You are part of the Great Peace, in Love with the people and your beautiful surroundings, partaking in each moment as it comes.
Outside the window, you know the Oak tree will always be there with you. The strong oak tree who never worries about how tall or wide or green it is compared to the other trees. The one who is never upset about what past seasons have done to it, who is never anxious about what it will do when the next season arrives. The one who is calm under the summer sun, who changes color each autumn and loses all it’s beloved leaves each winter. The one who is so deeply rooted in Being, that it freely sways without fear in the direction the spring wind blows it when new leaves grow back and it is whole once again.

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