Transition Into Now

Growing up, I thought I had the picture-perfect childhood, but I always had an inkling in the back of my mind that something was missing, something more than what I knew. I was going through all the right motions, but it’s all more or less a blur to me now. When I had my awakening in 2010 (also when I started this blog), I found what I had been looking for; the discovery of who I truly was and what my life was about, in faith, set my spirit free. Thus began nearly a decade of trying to build and create and figure out all that I thought I needed to know. But these past few weeks since my ten-day transformation have been the first time in my life that I have my life (relatively) together and am also able to Be, Free, Now…along with the realization that none of these things truly matter. 

The transitions from each stage of my life to the next is ineffable, like trying to explain to someone who has only ever seen black and white, a world of color, and most recently, an upgrade to HD for lack of a better term. This journey called life is full of crazy, but there is nothing but positivity in the few things that matter, so all you can do is try your best and have faith with the rest. The most important discovery is also the most simple: Everything you could ever need is already within you Now. 

I feel there is no better way to celebrate this, on the night of a full moon on Friday the 13th, than to share some of the most inspirational and humorous pictures and quotations I have been loving lately- Enjoy!











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