Do Your Part

I realized something today, something that I had already known and even written about but perhaps had forgotten, or that I just hadn’t been applying to my life. Basically, the realization that no matter how good something or someone is, or however hard you try to be the best you can possibly be, someone will always find something negative in it. This, unfortunately, is just human nature, and however tragic it may seem, it is not something that can be expected to change. 

And we all know, that if you cannot change a situation, you must change yourself- your outlook and perspective on the situation is where the change has to happen. So, maybe I can be less sensitive to the opinions of others as long as I know I have given something my best; I can let go of things that aren’t a big deal instead of letting them effect my emotions and holding on to them; I can be more receptive to criticism and more attentive to not repeat something that can be or has been perceived as negative.

As I continue to balance my way through all the adventures of my life, I know that there will be ups and downs and crazy times and sometimes, nothing at all. As long as I can learn from the past and move forward in a positive way, I will know in my heart that I have done my part.

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