Morning Meditation, Visualization & Appreciation

Most people’s morning routines consist of checking their phones, grumpily rolling out of bed after repeated alarm snoozing, and rampant thoughts of the never-ending to-do lists of the day as they rush to get ready and get by yet another day. There is nothing wrong with this, but it may not serve as the most pleasant and purposeful way to begin a brand new day of life. Today I will share the first three things I do after waking up in the morning, albeit also after several snoozes of my alarm (a habit I am forever trying to break), twenty minutes daily that add hours of meaningful productivity to my day. I have been doing this for the past 2-3 years, and I accredit much of the positive transformation of my life to these three simple habits.

1). Meditation
I always begin each morning with a 5-10 minute meditation. Sit tall and comfortably on the floor or a yoga-mat next to your bed, and relax each part of your body as you focus on breathing in and out. This will bring you to the present moment and create awareness of your inner self. Try to quiet your mind, but know that it is okay to have thoughts; if they come, simply acknowledge them, let them pass, and bring yourself back to breathing. Do not sit in expectation of anything, but be open to receiving whatever comes your way. The practice of meditation is not of the mind- it is of quieting the mind and Being. Be still and know you are more than the thoughts and emotions your body identifies with. Most importantly, be patient. Consistency is key and with continued practice, meditation will become easier and you will be less affected by the outside world, leaving more space for things that bring meaning and purpose to your life. 

2). Visualization
This step involves your worldly life, and before I even get into the explanation, I will inform you that it requires faith and has the ability to transform your life completely. You may have heard of “The Secret“, and this is exactly that. Begin by thinking of the things that are most important to you in your life that you want to ask the universe to manifest. This may be related to developing your external identity, health, relationships, career and finances, or hobbies and personal goals. Next, believe that it will happen, as if it has already happened- this is where visualization comes in. See it, feel it, and know in strong faith that it will happen. Even if you cannot fathom how it will happen, know it will happen. Finally, receive it. Create space in your life for it as you prepare for the blessings that are bound to come your way. Again, patience is key- the moment you are ready to quit is often the moment right before everything can change.

3). Appreciation
Active gratitude is a centuries-old method to creating a positive attitude and attracting more abundance to your life. After completing your meditation and visualization, find 3-5 things your are grateful for (try not to repeat the same list each day). This can be as simple as the air you breathe, to the new dream job you just landed, to being thankful you made it to class on time despite the impossible morning traffic. The more you are aware of what you are grateful for, the more easily you will notice new things to appreciate around you. Many people keep gratitude journals so they can look back and see what they’ve written in the past, but I choose to keep this practice in my mind and continually add to it throughout the day- it’s all personal preference. No matter which way you choose to do this step, the key is to truly feel appreciation for the simple things in your life and create a positive energy that you can carry with you for the rest of the day.

I am aware that these may not be the easiest habits to attain, but as I’ve mentioned before, patience and consistency are key. The more you practice, the easier it will become. Over time, you will find joy in these few moments each morning and look forward to this part of your day. With continued practice of meditation, visualization, and appreciation, comes inner peace, abundance, and positivity in every aspect of your self and your life. You may lose twenty minutes of sleep, but what you can gain is so much more. Here are some links to help you get started or just to learn more about the transformative powers of a meaningful morning routine. Happy Friday!

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