The literal definition of the word, “Creative”, is “relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas”. This can be expressed through various forms of art, the application of a new idea into one’s personal life, or a unique way of thinking that can be introduced into society. When I was younger, sure, I’d experiment with drawing and art projects and such, but my heart was never fulfilled in this manner. For me, creativity is expressed through the written word for which I have a real passion, most of which is on this blog, and sharing part of myself with others. The main way I express my own creativity is by making constant changes to the life I want to create for myself- my life is my greatest masterpiece.

I’ve spent nearly my entire life considering myself as someone who is not creative at all; in fact, I strongly insisted upon it when people told me I was, and I was almost proud of that as part of my external identity: “I am most definitely NOT creative”, I would (half) jokingly gloat. As I continue to simplify my life and spend increasing amounts of time in the Present, more new ideas and unique ways of thinking enter my mind and my passion for my own version of art grows. I realize now that I was always creative, but sometimes the chaos of the world around me would block my creative energy; however, I always found my way back and continued to use my writing to express myself and my creativity to continually evolve my way of thinking and manifestation of the life I wanted.

I also see that one of the main reasons I never considered myself to be creative was because I would always compare myself to those who were “truly” creative in the eyes of society- ones who were painters, creators of beautiful musical pieces, who created art for a living. But creativity is inside of each and every person and should never be compared to the creativity level of someone else. The definition itself calls for original ideas that arise from one’s own mind based on their own thoughts, emotions, and life experiences. The purpose of creativity itself is to express these ideas in a positive form, to add abstract beauty, inspiration, and simple pleasure to today’s entirely too-serious, complex world. To anyone reading this today, know that you ARE creative; create daily and never let anyone tell you otherwise.

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