Simple Sunday

Life is so simple, but sometimes we make it so complicated that we don’t even realize we’re doing it. It’s a short time in eternity away from where we come and where we will all return, regardless of our beliefs and differences. It is important to keep this faith in something greater than yourself and balance it with the things that are most important to you in life. It is equally as important to not take things so seriously, appreciate the simple things, and always remember the big picture.

When your life ends, no one will remember the things you had or financial decisions you made. What matters is how you define yourself and your purpose in life, how you love and help and make a difference for others, how you take care of yourself to be able to work hard and play hard and most importantly, how your attitude and actions create an energy that others associate you with. 

Like I’ve mentioned countless times before, life is crazy. Sometime days are blissfully joyful and some days are unimaginably terrible and some days are just another day…you don’t really control much except yourself. It makes no difference what cards life dealt you; all that matters is how you play those cards. Happiness is a lifelong journey that happens entirely within yourself, in each individual moment. How we live is what defines us and the people who are by our side during this journey are what makes it all worth it…and it is all entirely up to you.

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