Anger is not a bad thing. Like happiness and sadness, it is a normal and natural human emotion…so why does it have such a negative connotation? It’s because of what people choose to do with it. If anger becomes a reaction before being recognized as an emotion, it can cause permanent damage that is often irreversible and highly regrettable. If anger is used to hold grudges, make enemies, get revenge, or build up pride and ego to control a situation due to ones own stubbornness, it most certainly is perhaps the worst of the seven deadly sins.   

On the other hand, if that same anger is accepted as a normal human emotion, experienced the way it is meant to be experienced, and then processed to discover the root of an issue, things could take an entirely different turn. To find patience and understanding in the midst of pure rage is, by no means, an easy thing to do. But if you take the time to do so after a bit of cooling off, that same anger can be a very powerful tool towards change.   

Put quite simply, anger is an inner energy provoked by a situation that makes you feel an uncomfortable, unpleasant emotion. It should not be suppressed, but it should also not be freely acted upon without considering the consequences of your actions. To react immediately in anger is often a foolish, and rather pointless, thing to do. But to feel that anger and use its energy as fuel to accomplish change is much more difficult. However, this is the meaning of being human and having an intellect..unlike animals, we have the power to learn how to control anger and the results of gaining control over anger are priceless.  

There is a reason there are so many anger management classes out there, and an even greater reason why they are not called anger suppression classes. Control your anger before it controls you- Enroll in an anger management class online and reap its benefits for years to come! 

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