Journey Through 2015

2015 is the year I went to heaven through hell and all the way back. The year I achieved my greatest goal and purpose of graduating from Emory University’s nursing school and began my career as a registered nurse. The year I went to a camp that changed my spirit and my life and reminded me that faith is all I need. The year I experienced the worst heartbreak of my life in January and then found my potential future husband by December. The year I went to the Bahamas to serve as a nurse leader that everyone respected and trusted. This is the year that I had my golden birthday and one of the best nights of my life.  A year where I finally realized that, maybe just maybe, the heart is more of a priority than the mind. It is a year that started out as one of the worst- one I never thought I would survive- and the same year I came out the other end stronger and happier than ever before. 2015 was a year of struggle and change, but one of love and purpose, a year that taught me more about myself, faith, and life than I thought was possible in the span of one year. Every high and heartbreak I have gone through this year will remain a part of me forever, but I am ready to leave it all in 2015 and look forward to each adventure and lesson the Universe has planned for me in 2016! Here is a small collage of a few of my favorite memories and best moments and experiences of the year!

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