Casual Promises of 2016

For the past couple of years in a row, my new year’s resolutions have fallen somewhere along the lines of maintaining and exceeding in what I already have, becoming a nurse, finding contentment in my relationships, and living in the moment and being spontaneous instead of planning everything and then not sticking to it anyway. Last year, I would say that I achieved those goals and this past month, I may have even gone overboard with the whole live-in-the-moment and do-anything-other-than-study goals. This year, I would like to take that part a step back and balance these with planning for the future, getting organized and actually sticking to the routine, and continue to improve in various areas of my life. Another goal I am very proud of myself for attaining is that of remembering my faith and the shortness of life in each breath and remaining unique and free-spirited despite the opinions that others may have of me.

I may not be a supermodel with perfect relationships and a million dollars; in fact, this is not something I strive for anyways, but there is no one else as Fatima as me, with as balanced of a life as mine. However, life can tend to get rather mundane without goals, and so my resolutions do include going for prayer more often, learning how to cook healthy and traditional meals, working out more often (shocker), appreciating and focusing on the relationships I do have, educating myself on topics that can advance my nursing career, actively exploring my interest in music, and of course, continuing to live fully in each moment. Most importantly, I want to remember that happiness does not come from achieving the goals one sets for a new year- it comes from within and it is the first step because everything you need is already within you. It’s a good thing January is only a trial month for the real new year that starts in February, and that in actuality, every single day is a new beginning, right? 

PS- Maybe my new year’s resolutions should actually include less sarcasm and more of actually sticking to my casual promises that I’m under no obligation to fulfill…

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