I am officially twenty-seven years young & I have never felt so happy and content with my life! The best part about it was the way I celebrated, bigger and better than ever before. I went out to dinner at a beautiful Mediterranean restaruant and lounge with Rehan and all of our best friends before heading to enjoy some live music at a local pub and ending the night with unbelievably delicious tacos in the middle of nowhere! I spent time with my family and extended family celebrating with cake, my favorite food, movies, conversation, and presents galore as well as at Dave&Busters for my cousin and Cici’s Pizza for my grandfather. I spent time reflecting and relaxing and taking time for myself meditating, enjoying the best hour long massage of my life, writing and blogging, and going to pray and thank God for the overwhelming amount of blessings I am constantly showered with. I got more presents from Rehan, my family, and best friends than I think I can list on here: A giant box of all my favorite things including jewelry, candy, more candy, seashells, beach in a bottle, etc., a gorgeous red handbag, a personalized Erin Condren life planner, relaxing sleep lotion, a beautiful turquoise bird necklace, my favorite lip butter, a dream journal, makeup, and even a giant scratch-off map of the entire world so I can keep track of everywhere I travel! Turning twenty-seven on December 27 was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and a celebration I will remember for years to come! 

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