27 Rules to Live By

In honor of successfully surviving 27 years on this crazy planet, I want to share 27 rules to live by that I have learned along the way. 

1. Smile: Wake up and choose an attitude of happiness every morning.
2. Meditation: Self-awareness to help you realize your true Self
3. Journal: Your new best friend and soulmate
4. Purpose: Directing your energy towards something else- also a great distraction!
5. Faith: Belief in something higher than yourself
6. Positive thinking: But only after embracing the negative thinking and letting it pass 
7. Law of attraction: Like attracts like, so be what you want to bring to your life.
8. The Secret: Ask, believe, receive. 
9. Mindfulness: This very moment is all there ever is.
10. Gratitude: Be grateful for 3 new things every day.
11. Simplicity: Soak up the good, let go of the bad, prioritize what really matters.
12. Identity: Be yourself, boldly, whether it’s different from or even the same as anyone else!
13. Resilience: If you fail, or if something bad happens to you, never give up.
14. Health: Exercise, eat healthy, get enough rest…and put some effort into your appearance. 
15. Forgiveness: Forgive for yourself, not for anyone else, but never forget what you learned.
16. Hard work: Everyone has their lazy days, but anything worth having requires effort.
17. Play: Find a creative hobby, take some “me-time”, experience new things- listen to music, travel, paint, etc.
18. Get up and get out: As much as you don’t want to, this will help you get out of your own head.
19. Support: Seek help from family, close friends, or even a professional, anyone you can trust.
20. Connect: Come into harmony with the elements of nature- earth, water, air, fire- and re-connect with your natural state.
20.5. Hydrate: You are basically made up of water, so it’s safe to assume that when you don’t have enough of it, you are not your best self.
21. Community: Humans are social creatures and require social interaction and belonging.
22. Compassion: Help others, as much as you can, in any way you possibly can.
23. Surround yourself with positive energy: People, music, books, etc.
24. Hug: Self-explanatory
25. Laugh: With people, or alone, on TV, at yourself, at life
26. Accept what is: Everything is as it is meant to be, and the only thing you can control is yourself
27. Do: It is not enough to simply understand these things, but to actually make them a part of your daily routine, starting right now.

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