Creative Connection

It seems so ironic that I, who molded this blog to inspire so many others, have been faced with the deepest pains and darkest times I could have ever imagined. And even in the midst of all of this, comes a most beautiful blessing. The experiences I have undergone shape who I am at the very core, and inevitably guide the creative expression of my words as a writer. It is these simple words that provide solace and comfort when not much else seems to be on my side. There is a soft and unspoken joy which arises from the creation of something out of nothing, and a deeper purpose of attracting souls of similar mindsets through my words. This outlet serves as my sanctuary, and the connection it provides is the ultimate freedom from internal isolation.

And in the end, it never fails to serve as a reminder to myself, the power of the written word and the role it plays in further spiritual elevation. The words which pour directly from my soul onto a solid platform which connects me to so many of you across the globe, the words that flow so effortlessly when every other action requires such tremendous effort, the words that unfailingly never leave my side…no matter where I am on this journey. These words which use the depths of the human experience serve to empower myself and others, are mine to share and yours to keep. In this season of Thanksgiving, this is what fills my being with the utmost heartfelt gratitude, accompanied by the realization of the abundance I have been given in this life.

I am thankful for YOU!


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