Belated Life Update

I usually try to post a general update on my personal life every so often, but it’s been a while since my last one and although I don’t know yet exactly what I am going to write, I do know that I have most compelling urge to write and allow these words which are desperately aching to be released, to flow. So much has happened in the past few months, yet nothing has really changed at all. My greatest blessing is still the inner peace that has come to me unexpectedly after the worst year of my life, gentle and ever-present by my side.

I also feel myself getting stronger physically, fueled through the healing powers of a diet rich in whole foods from the earth and walking daily in the sunshine after my time in the gym or improving upon my yoga practice. Never before have I reaped the abundant benefits of caring so deeply about the beautiful temple which houses my soul, and all the life contained within. It truly makes such a big difference when it comes to my overall health and well-being, especially when it comes to mental and emotional health.

Once in a while, the nagging persistence that something is not right seeps through and I remember that year. A year of loss, grief, heartache, and deep emotional pain- the same sadness I am so grateful for after learning that it is the one emotion that goes hand in hand with love, and brings about gentle humility and true compassion- a sadness that is all mine, and one I can observe from a distance as I learn to let it be. The year which finally gave me the courage to become empty and create space for all that is new. And then I return back to the stillness of the present moment and everything shifts.

This newfound strength really kicks in as I realize that I am also the happiest I have ever been, all at the same time, as I embrace my thoughts and allow the Universe to be exactly as it is. The low of loss is overtaken rapidly by the love that surrounds me. My appreciation for loved ones, for my mother nearby and family and friends far away, continues to grow each day, and I have finally allowed myself to have hopes again of one day starting a family of my own. And of course, I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to volunteer and serve others, and for the truly amazing people I continue to meet everyday who make this city feel like home.

My last set of exciting updates has to do with my career and lifestyle. Nothing in my life has given me such fulfillment as sparking hope in my patients as we discuss holistic health, happiness and all of the things which bring me passion and purpose. It has inspired me so much that I have finally taken the Spirit Life coaching business to another level and have been working with new people around the world to improve upon my coaching skills. This has allowed me the financial freedom to finally have my own place in a beautiful park in downtown, the best of both worlds and within walking distance from my job, and something I have always wanted for as long as I can remember!

Like most people, I was always waiting for some special moment to bring me to the other side, and either there is no other side, or I have already arrived. I look around and see that this is life, right here and now, within and without and all around me. Sweet memories and exciting dreams dance through my mind as I am reminded that this short but amazing life is completely mine. Even when my mind is jumbled, my vision is sharp and hearing is crisp. As long as I am rooted in presence, every moment on the outside seems so rich and vivid, and yet the comfort of home when I look inside never leaves. Inspiration dances all around me and the possibilities are endless…



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