Stained-Glass Window

After talking with one of my best friends about what’s been going on lately, my perspective on current happenings has been completely transformed. She told me that everyone who knows me says I am such a positive person who always inspires others and has more faith than anyone she knows. She reminded me that although it is true that I am going through a hard time, I can’t forget that a lot of it has to do with seeing my loved ones struggle. As I mentioned in an earlier post, empathy is necessary to survive, but not so much that it inhibits my ability to show compassion and actually take action to end someone’s suffering. The people I care about deeply are going through a dark time, and it is up to me to be their light. 

The situations that are, are unbelievably cruel and unjust, but also far beyond my control. If I let it consume me, then it will only lead me into a dark and downward spiral as well, and that will do no good to anyone. It’s not easy to be positive when everything seems to be so negative, or else everyone would do it. To exhibit fortitude and resilience in the face of struggle and find the light in dark places is much more difficult to do, but also that much more rewarding. There is always something positive in every situation, if you choose to see it and know where to look. I am blessed to have realized this and will do my best to show this to those around me. As for me, I will be just fine as long as I stay true to myself, remember what’s most important in life, and never let  go of my faith.

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