Define Yourself

You are what you continuously do, not what happens to you. You will be judged on your thoughts, your intentions, and your actions, and only you and God can do this judging. If you try your best at something and it just doesn’t work out, if something bad happens to you, or if you do something you are not exactly proud of, this alone cannot, nor will it ever, define you. Sometimes, good people do bad things; everyone makes mistakes, but if you realize those mistakes and try again with pure intentions to do better next time, this is what defines your true character. 

I want to become a nurse because that is my purpose and I believe it is the most complete expression of every part of who I want to be. If I try my best, I see no reason why it shouldn’t happen. But if I were to make mistakes along the way, or if it were to not work out and it simply was not meant to be, then it doesn’t change who I am or what my life is about in God. Figure out who you want to be, try your best to become it, and then make the decision to let that be what defines you–NOT a single action from your past or your current worldly circumstances, because these do not define who you are. 

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