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I suppose I’ve always known about and believed in everything that The Secret stands for, without ever realizing or fully understanding how it works. Ever since I was a little girl, I got everything I ever prayed to God for, and everything I ever needed. Not just material objects, but everything from a little sister to citizenship to opportunities of a lifetime to following my greatest dreams and achieving my deepest desires. I asked and prayed for what I wanted, visualized myself having it, and believed with all my heart it would happen until it actually did. When I was lost, the universe found me. When I needed proof, God showed it to me in a way I can never forget. And now, when I was stuck in a rut and seemed to have forgotten, The Secret came into my life. This was no coincidence. 

I had heard about it before, a few years ago, but paid no mind to it because I felt I didn’t need it. One day last week when I was at my worst than I’ve been in many years, someone told me about it on the phone. A few days later, it showed up on social media repeatedly no matter how much I ignored it. And I have absolutely no idea why, last night, I watched the first documentary-style film I have ever watched in my life- The Secret.

The most basic theory of The Secret states that you have the power within you to attain whatever you want in this world and beyond, if you believe. If you change your thoughts and feelings into positive ones, and that is what you will attract into your life; the same goes for negativity.

All you have to do is decide and ask the universe for what you want, believe it will be yours by visualization and feeling as if you already have it, and then let it go and be ready to receive it when it comes. 

Faith is not just knowing that God exists, but knowing that He will give you every single thing you could ever want and so much more. And by God, I don’t mean an old man in the sky sitting by rivers of honey and milk- I mean the One power of the universe that is impossible to understand without experiencing it for yourself. The Secret is exactly that- fill your self with positive energy, figure out and ask for and visualize what you want, and have faith with all your soul that it will happen- and so it will.

Inspired by the film and feeling like my best self, I decided to try it out last night on something that I knew would only be possible because of the secret so I would not mistake it for coincidence. There was something I wanted desperately for the past 3-4 months and nothing I did worked. Last night before I went to sleep, I applied the principles of The Secret. This morning when I woke up, I finally had it, and I know nobody would ever believe me if I told them- they would write it off as coincidence and call me crazy, and miss out on one of the most amazing powers of the human mind and consciousness.

I have now replaced all of my fear with faith, once again. Even if I can’t see the whole process, I can take the first step towards each of my dreams, apply the Secret, and trust the universe. I have no doubt in my mind that the things I want will happen, with hard work and patience and faith in God. It has never failed me before, and I know it will not fail me now.

When you want something, the entire universe conspires to help you achieve it, and I know this for a fact.

The more I see it, the more I believe it, and this journey never ends.

When my current dreams come true, I can create new goals. I can use The Secret not only for myself, but for all of my loved ones and anyone who needs it to make a difference in any way I can. Whether or not you choose to apply the law of attraction or not has no effect on myself or my life, but the best advice I can ever give to anyone out there who is willing to receive it, is to give Faith a chance. It will transform your self and your life- you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

The Secret


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