Happy New Decade 2020!

The new year is fast approaching and there is even more excitement surrounding it this year than previous years because it also happens to be the start of a brand new decade. As much I enjoy the satisfaction of reflecting upon the previous year and the excitement of partaking in setting new resolutions, there is just something about this year that feels a bit different (and I do not mean that in a negative sense).

Although I am still focusing on one major goal for each aspect of my life (spiritual, mental/emotional, physical, social, professional and travel), the excitement I feel is not new. And I think this is because for the past year, every single morning during my meditation/mind-work, I review these exacts goal and visualize their success as if it’s a brand new year. I work towards each goal every single day (or as often as appropriate), even if it’s one tiny little step in the right direction, until I attain that goal and can then set a new one in that category.

I have experienced too many years of my life where I wait for a new year or a certain day to start again, and given up too many times when I take even the slightest step in the wrong direction. But now, I understand that there will never be a “perfect” year and each new moment is a new opportunity to start again (or to continue after a misstep, as I like to say).

You do not have to wait for a new year to set new goals or to start working towards them, because every single day is the first day of the rest of your life. I know how cliché it sounds, trust me, but anyone who has consistently stuck with this mindset will understand just how to true this really is.

It is totally okay to have this “new year, new me” mindset and start off with a clean slate, but only one you’ve properly reflected on your past failures and explored the opportunities for improvement. The new year can only come with the “you” that has all of your past experiences, successes, failures, and lessons learned, and applies them to your present reality and future goals.

For me, I felt gratitude and a sense of accomplishment when I looked back and realized that the job, apartment, financial situation, business, and relationship I have today were only hopeful dreams just one short year ago. As a human being who is continually aiming to challenge myself and keep growing, I have set new goals, but I have faith that it is only with consistent hard work and patience that these new dreams will become a reality.

As I look back on this year, I feel a sense of serenity wash over me. These are certainly the good days of simple pleasures, daily laughter, and true and deep love. Looking ahead, I have decided that my word will continue to be “Light”. To be light, to take things light, to seek light and to spread light.

So cheers to 2020, a year of hope and abundance and the potential to learn, grow and expand. To push the boundaries and take chances and soar higher than ever before. To laugh even harder, to love even deeper, to live even more moments with Presence. What lies ahead of me is a blank canvas and I am excited for whatever this journey holds. Whoever and wherever you are reading this from, I genuinely wish you a new year and decade of peace, happiness, health, love, patience, growth, success, resilience, and lots of light and laughter in every moment.



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