The Hamsa Hand

The Hamsa Hand, commonly referred to as the Hand of Fatima, is a symbol depicting the open right hand that is of the utmost significance in Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism. Historically, it can be traced as far back as ancient Mesopotamia, the world’s first civilization. The origin of Hamsa is derived from the Arabic word, Khamah, which means “five”, or “the five fingers of the hand”, and represents the protection of God and higher powers from evil eye.

Although there is a great deal of history behind it with various interpretations, the Hamsa Hand is often used as a sign of blessing, happiness and abundance across many spiritual and religious beliefs. However, that is not the reason why it is my symbol, the symbol of my self, my life, my blog and my business. The primary reason why I chose Hamsa as my logo has a much deeper significance to my life as a whole, initially without my even realizing it.

Growing up, I always organized my thoughts and my life into 5 categories: Self, Mind, Body, Heart, and Life. At the very center of the hand, as part of myself, would be my faith in God’s protection, and behind and surrounding the hand would be the aspects of life which I considered negative yet necessary parts of the human journey.

Every morning as I did my meditation and mind-work, had quiet moments throughout the day, and every evening  during my reflections, all of the experiences I encountered would be placed carefully into one of these categories and that is the foundation of what allowed me to start living more mindfully in the present moment.

Over time, this became an important part of my life and later served as the basis for expanding this blog and the Spirit Life business, centered around the spirituality, holistic lifestyle and mindfulness practices I gained from this unique method by which I lived my entire life.

It was only recently, decades later, that I learned about the significance of Hamsa in a global, historical and religious sense, and I experienced a moment of deep awakening upon realizing the similarities between this sacred symbol and my own life story. In a sense, I didn’t even necessarily choose Hamsa; rather, through divine guidance and the wondrous synchronicities  of the Universe, it seems to have chosen me.


Center: (always) Spirit

1: (7-8) mind hour

2: (8-9) body/workout and get ready

3: (12-1) social/media

4: (9-6) spirit life (ads/newsletter/FB group, blog, IG)

5: (6-11) hobbies x2

Back: (weekends) Life + errands

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