Receptive To The Unexpected

As we move through our daily lives, it is completely normal to set goals and desire outcomes that we believe will bring us personal fulfillment and satisfaction. Although our expectations provide a sense of productivity and stability as we strive to make progress, they also have the potential to be harmful when it comes to our own personal happiness and inner peace. Oftentimes, this is because we naturally let our attachments to our outcomes cloud our ability to appreciate each moment as it unfolds- especially if it does not unfold according to our plans.

This is not to say that we shouldn’t set goals or have hopes; in fact, keeping an open-mind actually promotes creativity and motivation and may even help us attain our goals even sooner. What this does mean is that we can still work hard and hope for the best possible outcomes, while we simultaneously free ourselves from the attachment to our exact vision, thereby opening up a wide array of possibilities for ourselves and our lives.

Anytime we expect very specific life situations, we close ourselves off from the ability to enjoy the magnificent potential the Universe has to surprise us with a countless abundance of blessings. Keeping in mind that after a certain amount of effort from our end, we are ultimately all limited by fate, remaining open to unforeseen circumstances allows us to more easily see the positive in every situation.

It is inevitable that certain aspects of your life will not go according to your expectations, no matter how skilled or determined you may be. But as you gradually distance yourself from the attachments to your expectations, you will begin to see life as an exhilarating journey with unlimited blessings which have flowed into your life where they are least expected. The next time a plan or circumstance does not go as you’ve expected, try to recognize the beauty in the current situation. It may be difficult at first, but as you begin to create this habit, all of life’s precious revelations will bring you a deep sense of joy that brings you peace in every moment.

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