From Comparison To Inspiration

For those of you who aren’t familiar with my blog, one year ago I switched over to a WordPress powered site after over seven wonderful years under Blogger. The reason for the switch was simple- my life made its most drastic change so far, and it felt only right to have my blog follow along. After doing quite a bit of research, I found that as a bonus, WordPress offers significantly more control over personalization than does Blogger, and with a little extra time on my hands I felt that it was finally time to make the big switch.

That being said, this change comes with much more pressure: more options, more exposure, more stress. Will people even want to read what I have to write about, with all of the millions of other options available to browse on the world wide web? How could I possibly live up to some of the best and well-known bloggers on the internet just continuing to write about my life and sharing some inspiration? The answer came to me at the perfect time, upon coming across the following post by Kalyn Nicholson (a blogger and YouTuber with over 1 million subscribers – it’s a little lengthy but worth it):

Chained To The Game Of Comparison

The moment I finished reading this post, all the inspiration that had kept me motivated to write for the past eight years rushed back into me. I don’t write to portray a perfect life, or to display the latest makeup tricks and fashion trends, or to be anything other than myself to grab attention. I write because I truly enjoy sharing my journey on my own little corner of the internet, and because I know that if it even provides the slightest inspiration or hope to another person, then all the negativity from those who are judging me simply does not matter. In fact, that’s the point- to do what I love while being completely myself, and show others that it’s okay to not have a perfect life or be the best.

For years, I’ve loved keeping up with writers, bloggers and influencers like Allie Michelle, Plantiful Soul, The Balanced Blonde, Cup of Joe and more. And I’ve been inspired by each of them in a different way. But I’ve learned in recent years that people will always have something to say no matter what you do in life…which means you might as well do what makes you happy. If you let fear hold back your most authentic self, the only person who will suffer is you. So stop comparing and wondering- instead, get inspired and get started. There is nothing more you can ask of yourself as long you are following your passions and doing it from the heart.

PS- I cannot express enough how much it means to me to have my long-time readers and fellow writers join me in this switch and support me on social media- I deeply appreciate it! Now that I have come full circle from the most challenging year of my life and set up a separate coaching page for professional inquiries, my new site is starting to feel more at home and I can finally get back to sharing more personal posts again. Please feel welcome to contact me or comment with topic ideas, suggestions for improvement, or even just to say hello!

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  1. You have always been an inspiration and I can’t wait for you to share that with the world. I’m super excited for you and looking forward to hearing about your journey. 💖💖

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