Meditation 24/7: A Lifestyle

There are dozens of benefits to the daily practice of meditation, but none is greater than the ability to attain permanent inner peace. The best way I can describe the extent to which it is truly life changing, is simply that meditation is like having a superpower- one that is accessible to anyone at any time within themselves, one that allows for one to comfortably settle into the deep inner seat of stillness in the present moment.

It is never not the present moment. Therefore, meditation no longer remains only a practice for a set time each day, from which you come in and out based on situation; rather, it becomes a way of life and almost as if you are meditating all the time.

Your mind, or your worldly self and life circumstances, are still available to access in your mind at any time when needed, but there is a distance in-between that prevents it from taking over, and then the primary place of being becomes the rooted inner seat of peace in every moment. As a wide range of thoughts and emotions emerge throughout your day, you can recognize them and observe them without judgement or expectation, process them and then either change them or allow them to be as they are; the important thing is to remember that everything doesn’t always have to be good- only understood, enough to be filed away in its appropriate category within your mind until you return back to the present.

On the outside, you may still be immersed in the chaos of a demanding lifestyle and stressful responsibilities. But a smile will light up your face as only you will notice that the place of deeper stillness that constantly lies underneath any worldly situation has become your home…and no one can ever take this eternal peace away from you.


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