Law Of Attraction: Psychology & Science

Today I want to talk about the psychology and science behind manifestation and the law of attraction. Many of us have read or seen “The Secret”, but contrary to what is portrayed on mainstream media, it doesn’t work quite like a genie who will grant your every wish on command. Rather, this is a psychological tool which works based on the science of the actual frequency of the energy which we and all others are made of. The law of attraction states that we attract people, things and circumstances into our lives that match our vibrational frequency.


In terms of psychology, modern science and research have proven that our brains have a great deal of neuroplasticity- this means that they do not become permanently set in a certain way of thinking just because we have reached adulthood. The complex human brain remains malleable in the sense that nearly everything about it can be changed, including the way we think, feel and behave. This is because we have synapses that work like muscles, getting weaker if we don’t use them and stronger when we exercise them regularly.

What this means is that chronically negative people are used to thinking negative, and require a great deal of effort to think positive thoughts. It also means that by practicing gratitude and other positive thinking, those are the neurological pathways within our minds which become stronger over time. As those habits grow and strengthen, it will become easier and easier to continue to think in this way…and of course the better you feel, the better thoughts will come to mind.

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Another tricky fact of the human mind is that no matter what happens, the brain will always try to find its best guess as to why certain things are happening, including how you are feeling, along with the normal judgments it makes continuously about every person, circumstance and life situation.

This means that positive thinkers will gradually experience improved moods and feel happier, and as you do, your brain will then look for validation as to why you feel better, making it easier to continue the positive train of thought. Unfortunately, when you don’t feel good in your emotions, your brain will undoubtedly try to validate it by finding the negativity around you to provide logical reasons as to while you feel that way.

Fortunately, if you can recognize this pattern and observe the negative thoughts, you can flip and shift your perspective each time, thereby allowing your thoughts to actively control your emotions and raise your vibrations to attract more positivity and abundance into your life.


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