Weekend Adventures

When I first started blogging back in 2010 (or really, when I first started a personal diary at the age of 10), I wrote mostly of my own experiences from my daily life…even if it was about nothing in particular. As my audience grew and I found my niche of spiritual growth, self-development and holistic wellness, my posts became more audience-oriented and I kept my daily posts saved only as drafts to serve as my private journal.

But as of lately, especially as I meet new people and experience new things, I feel the urge to share more about what I am excited about in my daily life- even if it is about nothing in particular. Because really, I have and always will be writing primarily for myself, and if it happens to resonate with some of you and build a meaningful connection, then that is a beautiful bonus.

That being said, the past several weekends have really shown me why most people get so excited for weekends! When I worked a more traditional nursing role at an inpatient hospital, I worked twelve-hour shifts, three days per week- and honestly, it made absolutely no difference whether it was a weekend, holiday or a Monday. Now, I save my weekends for productive work, solo-relaxation, and lots and lots of fun!

Recently, I have discovered the joy and benefits of rowing, traveled to some new cities, tried the amazing new restaurants and bars that I’ve been told Houston is known for, made a few concoctions of my own in the kitchen, gotten back into music, yoga and volunteering, seen a few great movies and shows, completed another major round of minimizing, and attended events on random days with activities such as woodwork/crafts, carnivals/festivals, and even a Monday night bingo with coworkers and friends (where I just so happened to win)!

The most amazing part, however, has been all the new people I’ve met- in my community, at work, and from mutual friends at various events around the city. Each person I have come across has been so welcoming and friendly, making sure that I feel right at home in Houston. And this is not an exaggeration of any sort: even the lovely staff of a local hair salon hoped I would see them as a second home and family! It has also been truly amazing re-connecting with my mom who I am so happy to have so close to me again, but that is something that goes without saying.

Life has so much to offer, and there is never a dull moment or time where I am bored or looking for more. I feel content in what is, and excited for what is to come, and this is not limited to just my weekend adventures- although, this is a pretty great time for me to explore and try new things. Even in my daily life, my love for my career, health and fitness routines, family time, and of course, the time I spend on my own relaxing and reflecting, is valuable and meaningful, with peace in every moment.

…In fact, I was living so much in the moment that I actually forgot to capture those moments aside from the limited selection of the very few photos shared below!







ferris wheel and ship

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