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There are some people who absolutely do not believe in the law of attraction, and some people who live their whole lives with unwavering faith; it is the latter who have stories as amazing as the one I am about to share with you, all about how I manifested my dream job. For those of you who are new and do not know what I do for work, I am a holistic health nurse at an Integrative Medicine Center (which you can read more about here), and for those who already know, I will now explain the three main ways my current job is a manifestation miracle, in every step of the way.


Ever since I was very young, I knew I wanted to be either a nurse or a teacher- something that, along with the nature of its obvious intent, would give my life a purpose and meaning that would allow me to dedicate my whole mind and heart into the upliftment and inspiration of others. I also knew that I did not want to do that until I felt I had explored all I wanted to do for myself and was ready to dedicate my wholehearted time and energy into it. In nursing school, we were told that all new grads most likely have to work at an inpatient setting for a couple of years before they could move to more rare settings such as traveling or clinics.

During our final semester in our senior year when we began to apply to jobs, I applied to every NICU I could get my hands on, my dream job at the time; however, time went by and no one hired me and I knew I needed a job. Reluctantly, upon graduation of nursing school, I accepted the first job that hired me- an inpatient oncology unit that I did not even apply to because I strongly disliked oncology. Then, when I moved to Houston, I felt it was finally the right time to start working in the NICU…low and behold, only 8 months later, I ended up having to leave from that position unexpectedly, and I was beyond devastated.

As I began to explore other career options, I came across my dream job: my current holistic health clinic position at one of the most prestigious and well-known hospitals in the world, which fortunately just happened to be located in my current city. As soon as I saw the opening for this position, every cell in my body danced in excitement as I felt it deep down that this was meant for me. Despite a particularly lackluster reaction from my partner at the time, reminding me to tone down my excitement and mentioning the practicalities of potential pay decrease and such, I was so sure to the core that this was the place I was meant to be…but I felt the negative energy that now surrounded this dream, and as expected, I received the notification of rejection that I was not hired.

One day, a few weeks later, immediately after I had left the negative energy behind, I got a call from another position asking me if I was still interested in this dream job, and of course I said yes! I knew the greater energy was always working for me and not against me, and so I interviewed and was literally hired on the spot out of thousands of applicants for this one very rare position- and I could not be more blissful about this every time I speak of it.


There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that this series of events is not a coincidence at all, but rather, the entire universe conspiring to bring me what I knew was meant for me at this time. The first rule of the law of attraction is that you have to know what you want and ask for it: I never asked for this position because I was not ready, and believed that I wanted to be in the NICU rather than oncology.

The second rule is that you have to believe it is yours- visualize it and know it at the core that it is coming, and align your vibrations to match the energy of what it is that you’re asking for: although this is how I initially started off when I saw the position listed, my energy was brought down and took a turn for the negative by the people around me who did not share this excitement at all.

The final rule is simply to receive, for everything comes at the right time in the way it is meant to: But I needed that two years of oncology experience to be considered for hiring, and that short time in the NICU to show me that neither that, nor the people I was surrounding myself with, were positively contributing towards creating the life I know I am meant to live.


Within months of shifting this blog to a focus on holistic health, I knew everything I wanted in my dream career, and what I needed to ask for. Two days after leaving the negative energy behind, energetic space cleared out so apparently that I got the call for the interview, after already being rejected and not even applying. And, when all the layers were shed from my life and the time was perfectly right, I got hired and am happier now than I have ever been before.

Everything I had ever done had led up to this beautiful moment when my career and life purpose came into alignment with what has been my greatest passion and deepest source of joy, and reiterated the fact that any worrying or anxiety is incredibly unnecessary when one puts their faith and trust in the Universe. I hope this leaves you inspired to leave behind fear and trust in the Universe, because what is not meant for you will never enter your life, and what is meant for you will never escape you.

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