Showers To Sunshine

After becoming drenched in the showers of what was literally the worst year of my life, and then drowning in my mind for the worst April showers of my life, and even after the spring flowers have passed me by entirely…the clouds have cleared; it is now sweet summertime and I can finally feel sun shine again (and in this Texas heat, I also mean that quite literally)!

Happiness does not come from anything outside of yourself- not money, not success, and as I see now, not even love or self-development. Happiness comes from the meditation of looking deep within, and what meditation does over time is shed layers. It sheds all the layers and layers and layers of that of the world and the mind and emotions and our deepest fears and being. And once all the layers are shed, there is nothing left at the core but your true self, the Self of divine love and infinite energy.

This is where peace resides.

Not by the addition of anything, but by the removal of everything. With this, comes the heightened ability to think different, live free, and become entirely comfortable with difficult topics such as mortality, the state of consciousness of humanity at large, and the thoughts, emotions or fears which most people subconsciously will do anything to avoid.

For me, this comes with the comfort of knowing this peace can never be taken away from me, and that everything in my life is totally my own and exactly as it is meant to be,  right here and now in this exact moment. It’s an inexplicable bliss which I have missed for quite a while, but it always returns back home every time.



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